All About VA Loans

All About VA Loans As we celebrate our nation during July, we’re reminded that we live in The Land of the Free because of The Brave Who Served and Sacrificed for us. To our veterans and active military personnel, we tip our hats to you, and to your sacrifices that make our freedom possible. We are committed to making … Continue reading All About VA Loans


Top Tips for a Successful Relocation

Top Tips for a Successful Relocation Moving can be stressful. Add in relocating to an entirely new area and moving can be downright overwhelming. Never fear –Inlanta Mortgage is here to help you through the process! Here are our top tips for a successful relocation: Leaving it all behind Whether you own a home or … Continue reading Top Tips for a Successful Relocation

Live with Less- Top Tips to Downsize Successfully

Live with Less – Top Tips to Downsize Successfully Whether you’re planning a big move or simply looking to declutter your space, we’ve got downsizing tips to help make the transition smooth and stress-free! Step #1: Make a Plan Downsizing can be stressful. That’s why it is imperative to begin planning early on to help … Continue reading Live with Less- Top Tips to Downsize Successfully

The Rising Interest Rates and Their Impact on You

INTEREST RATES ARE UP As most of us are aware, the long-predicted increase in mortgage rates seems to have arrived.  After the summer’s market adventures pushed rates back near their all-time low, the events of the fall have pushed them back in the opposite direction – and quickly.  The presidential election, and the subsequent rate … Continue reading The Rising Interest Rates and Their Impact on You

Advantages of Pre-Approvals for Buyers

There are many advantages of pre-approvals for active home shoppers. Here are some common questions and answers about pre-approvals. What are the Advantages of Pre-Approvals? A pre-approval will tell you how much a lender is willing to lend you. If you are shopping for a home, it’s important to know your price range early in the game. If you know … Continue reading Advantages of Pre-Approvals for Buyers