DIY Curb Appeal

DIY Curb Appeal Improving your curb appeal can be easy and affordable! Whether you are looking to make some improvements or are getting ready to sell your house, adding curb appeal can bring so much value to your house. Plus, it could make it easier to sell! Here are a few curb appeal tips: Paint … Continue reading DIY Curb Appeal


Tips for Buying a House Buying a house is a big deal! Here are a few tips you may find useful as you embark on your home buying adventure! 1. Check your credit. Most people need a mortgage to buy a house. Since the terms of your mortgage loan will be dependent on your credit history, make sure you know what condition … Continue reading HOW TO BUY A HOUSE


Trust: the firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something. Being able to trust your mortgage lender is vital when embarking on the mortgage journey. When you purchase a home, you are making a big investment and securing the right financing can have an impact on your financial future. You … Continue reading HOW TO BUILD A TRUSTING RELATIONSHIP WITH YOUR LENDER

The Importance of a Home Inspection

The Importance of a Home Inspection Many buyers will choose to opt out of a home inspection to save some money or if it means getting an accepted offer on the home they are trying to purchase. However, waiving your right to a home inspection can be a costly mistake in the long run. Getting … Continue reading The Importance of a Home Inspection

Top Real Estate Trends for 2017

Top Real Estate Trends for 2017 Boomers and Millennials will move markets. The two largest generations in American history — Baby Boomers and Millennials — are approaching life stages that motivate people to purchase a home: empty nesters, retirement, marriage and starting a family.   The Midwest has the most to gain. According to Chief … Continue reading Top Real Estate Trends for 2017