Additional Healthy Financial Habits to Adopt These habits will help you strengthen your financial situation. Adopting just a few of these good habits could lead to a better financial future overall. 1. Set up Automatic Savings If you have not set up automatic deposits to your savings, you should do so. Putting money in savings is crucial. … Continue reading FINANCIAL HABITS TO ADOPT IN 2017

DO’s & DON’T’s of Credit Card Use

Responsible Credit Card Use Why should we care what you do with your credit cards? As responsible lenders, we want to educate prospective home buyers that may need a little help in the credit department. Why? Responsible credit card use can improve credit scores and assist with a smooth mortgage loan approval process – something that we … Continue reading DO’s & DON’T’s of Credit Card Use


It’s easy to get nervous about something as big as applying for a mortgage. What is not so easy is putting our minds at ease if you’re in the middle of the process and things aren’t going the way you had thought they would. Here is a list of questions you can ask your loan … Continue reading QUESTIONS TO ASK YOUR LOAN OFFICER

Should You Opt Out of Credit Offers?

Where Do Pre-Approved Credit Card Offers Come From? Consumer credit reporting companies, like Experian, Equifax and TransUnion, allow companies to pull lists of individuals meeting specific credit criteria to send pre-approved or pre-screened offers of credit or insurance (referred to as “Firm Offers”). Benefits of Receiving Firm Offers (Pre-Approved Credit Offers) According to the official Consumer … Continue reading Should You Opt Out of Credit Offers?

Refinancing Traps

Refinancing can be tricky, but a little preparation before starting the process goes a long way in avoiding mishaps along the way. Here are some common traps that many run into while refinancing their homes and ways you can avoid falling into the same traps. The automatic payment trap Did you know it can take … Continue reading Refinancing Traps